Oh, is it possible to be suffering from a weeklong headache coming from a system halfway across the country? Advil is my friend this week. Ugh!


Watermelon Crochet Purse

I just finished making the pink watermelon purse. It turned out cute, but I’m going to try it again. They use a CD in the bottom to reinforce it, but I was too lazy to do it right the first time. Maybe the red one will work out better.

My First Post

Well, it’s my first post. I usually have a lot of nothing original to say, but I think my internet surfing hobbies have led me to a point where I need to start posting all of the cool things I come across that other people have done. I do a lot of crafting, used to own a bead store and I love love love to crochet. I don’t know where this blog is going, but I hope you’ll come with me.